Bonded neo magnets, manufactured by binding rapid-quenched MQP with plastic resin, have been employed in many applications that require higher performance magnets to enable smaller size and greater efficiency motors. Bonded neo magnets are present in motors such as hard disk drive spindle motors, seat motors, fluid pumps in automobiles, energy efficient circulation water pumps in houses, electronic expansion valves in air conditioners, high speed motors in home appliances, and many other ubiquitous applications & drivers used every day.

At Magnequench, we work with magnet users and magnet makers to design novel magnetic solutions and to ensure those solutions are executed and supplied with the highest quality.

Using the tools on this site, you will be able to select appropriate magnetic performance characteristics of your desired magnet. We have included the following magnetic characteristics for use in your FEA model:

  • B-H curves at various temperatures
  • Flux Aging Loss curves at various temperatures

You will then be able to check the dimensions of your magnet to determine manufacturability. Finally, you may submit to us your concept/sample requests via a simple feedback form.