Advanced Rapid Solidification

Advanced Rapid Solidification

How much will it cost?

For low volume trials as part of R&D projects our intention is to give these the best possible chance for commercial success. Therefore we are not inclined to make working with us at the trial stage a costly process for you. Single lab-scale runs, pilot-scale runs and higher volume production costs can depend greatly on the sophistication of the equipment, and the level of expertise that is required to produce high quality product. We are willing to discuss cost estimates for your particular projects on a case-by-case basis.

What thickness of ribbon can I get?

We can produce ribbon ranging from just 20 microns up to approximately 250 microns depending on the particular composition and casting conditions.

I have a confidential project. How will my intellectual property be protected?

We have the utmost respect for all types of intellectual property and understand the sensitivities and risks involved with collaboration. We have a proven track record of leveraging and enforcing our own intellectual property globally, and we are happy to work with you in safeguarding yours. Confidential and/or joint development agreements can be arranged quickly when appropriate. Our research and engineering teams operate in secure facilities especially dedicated to advanced development where protection of intellectual property is viewed as a critical element of our value proposition to you.

Can I send you alloy to cast?

We are happy to receive alloy to cast, and we are equally willing to purchase materials and make alloy to your specification.

Can I participate in the casting trial?

We will consider this request on a case-by-case basis. For the most part we are careful with our proprietary know-how some of which is potentially learned by observing casting in process. We also understand that successful collaboration efforts sometimes require closer interaction between partners.

Can you melt low conductivity material?

Yes, we can melt low conductivity material.

What is the maximum melt temperature?

The maximum melt temperature for our system materials is approximately 1650°C.

Are you capable of casting in vacuum or inert atmosphere?

Yes, we can cast in vacuum or inert atmosphere.

What quantities are available?

Laboratory scale quantities can range from 50g to 2kg. Pilot scale quantities range from 10kg up to 200kg.