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Significantly smaller and lighter motors are possible by employing bonded Neo magnets. The weight savings will help automotive companies reduce the total weight of their cars to meet fuel efficiency and performance goals. The Magnequench Applications Design Team has studied various applications by acquiring and benchmarking common existing motors, then "virtually" redesigning these motors.

» Virtual Prototyping: Automotive Fuel Pumps
» Virtual Prototyping: Automotive Accessory Motors

MQP-8-5-20159 is a low cost isotropic powder designed for the manufacture of bonded magnets. Because Ce comprises 80% of the total rare earth content in MQP-8-5-20159, this powder grade allows for greater cost stability. It's relatively low Br enables MQP-8-5-20159 to be well-suited for replacing ferrite based applications which typically require magnetic properties of 5MGOe or lower.

MQP-11-8-20222 is one of our classic powders. It is a low cost powder designed for the use in applications that may not require the high properties typically exhibited by bonded Nd magnets.

This grade has spherical morphology and it is suitable for the manufacture of bonded magnets, particularly by injection molding, extrusion and calendering.