Advanced Rapid Solidification

Advanced Rapid Solidification

Melt spinning can be used to create nano-crystalline and amorphous microstructures, which can be particularly advantageous for many growing or developing new technologies and materials like high strength alloys, energy storage materials and many others. In addition to Magnequench's jet casting, another type of melt spinning - planar flow melt spinning - is used to manufacture metal ribbon and sheets. Amorphous sheets from planar flow processes are sold into electronic and brazing applications among others. Part of Magnequench's effort in exploring new markets entails the expansion of its process expertise to include planar flow capability.

Jet casting provides the fastest cooling rate of any process available today on the order of a million Celsius degrees per second. This ultra fast cooling process allows for unique alloy and granular structure designs that can answer a variety of today's toughest material challenges.

We offer:

Advanced Rapid Solidification
  • Pilot scale production as low as 5kg for trial
  • Access to our jet casting facilities
  • Feasibility trials of melt spinning your materials
  • Evaluation and expert advice upon request
  • Opportunity to scale for commercialization

Our Specialties:

  • Melt spinning in vacuum and inert atmosphere
  • Rapid quenching to generate nanocrystalline and amorphous alloys
  • Processing ribbon, foil and powder
  • Pulverizing alloy to D50 of 5-200 microns
  • Handling and processing powder
  • Post-casting heat treatments